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Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (PICA in blue)

The PICA territory is on the inferior occipital surface of the cerebellum and is in equilibrium with the territory of the AICA in purple, which is on the lateral side (1). The larger the PICA territory, the smaller the AICA and viceversa. Superior Cerebellar Artery (SCA in grey) The SCA territory is in the superior and tentorial surface of the cerebellum.

Branches from vertebral and basilar artery

These branches supply the medulla oblongata (in blue) and the pons (in green). Anterior Choroideal artery (AchA in blue)) The territory of the AChA is part of the hippocampus, the posterior limb of the internal capsule and extends upwards to an area lateral to the posterior part of the cella media.

Lenticulo-striate arteries

The lateral LSA' s (in orange) are deep penetrating arteries of the middle cerebral artery (MCA). Their territory includes most of the basal ganglia. The medial LSA' s (indicated in dark red) arise from the anterior cerebral artery (usually the A1-segment). Heubner's artery is the largest of the medial lenticulostriate arteries and supplies the anteromedial part of the head of the caudate and anteroinferior internal capsule.

Anterior cerebral artery (ACA in red)

The ACA supplies the medial part of the frontal and the parietal lobe and the anterior portion of the corpus callosum, basal ganglia and internal capsule.

Middle cerebral artery (MCA in yellow)

The cortical branches of the MCA supply the lateral surface of the hemisphere, except for the medial part of the frontal and the parietal lobe (anterior cerebral artery), and the inferior part of the temporal lobe (posterior cerebral artery). The deep penetrating LSA-branches are discussed above.

Posterior cerebral artery (PCA in green)

P1 extends from origin of the PCA to the posterior communicating artery, contributing to the circle of Willis. Posterior thalamoperforating arteries branch off the P1 segment and supply blood to the midbrain and thalamus. Cortical branches of the PCA supply the inferomedial part of the temporal lobe, occipital pole, visual cortex, and splenium of the corpus callosum.

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